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Wild horse sanctuary and living classroom

Humane Horse Handling, a 501c3 not for profit, seeks substantial donations toward opening a large wild horse sanctuary dedicated to research and testing of humane gathering, handling and population control techniques. By combining current available equine fertility control, humane handling and novel humane gathering methods, our sanctuary will do more than provide a safe home for a few hundred unwanted, at risk wild horses. The sanctuary will become a shining example of holistic, sustainable wild horse management and education. Our sanctuary would host wild horse behavior and handling educational opportunities. By using science-based equine behavior and welfare research in our management practices, our sanctuary will demonstrate humane and effective alternatives for gathering, handling and managing wild horses on public lands. This sanctuary would serve as a collaborative educational center for early adopters of our handling and gathering methods to come and be trained and help us understand the challenges they face on their home ranges.


Better alternative to helecopter Gathers

We have proof of concept for an exciting alternatives to standard helicopter gathers that use fear to round up horses. Using our techniques, family groups stay together and can be gathered at slower speeds that avoid separation and injuries. Wild horses can be gathered over and over again without engendering avoidance and panic during future gathers. These methods could dramatically increase the effectiveness of currently available yearly injectable contraceptives and could become a cornerstone of on-range wild horse population management. With your support we can continue to expand, test and demonstrate these techniques so that they can be accepted for application to the many wild horse populations in need.


Humane Horse Handling Webinars and educational materials

Working with horses can be dangerous, and we want to help people, and horses, stay safe. We are currently developing a curriculum and collection of resources for equine professionals and lay people to learn and practice safe, humane and effective horse handling techniques for both wild and domesticated horses. Learning humane and non-confrontational horse handling can be easy and rewarding when you have an effective coach and a safe environment. We know good horse welfare and humane, safe and more efficient horse handling is within any horse owner or horse professional’s ability. By supporting Humane Horse Handling, you can help bring educational materials to those in need.


We can’t do this alone. With your support, these initiatives will reach the humans and horses in need sooner rather than later. We have the expertise and the knowledge to complete them, but we need your help with funding and resources.