Bringing state-of-the-art welfare to wild and domestic horses.


Founded by leading researcher and professor of equine behavior, Sue McDonnell PhD CAAB, veterinarian, Sarah Low DVM, and veterinary technician, Jamie Miller CVT, Humane Horse Handling is a newly formed 501c3 organization. We work to improve the care and handling of wild and domestic horses through research, education, and application of equine behavior and welfare science. Our goal is to demonstrate that low stress, science informed handling and gathering of wild horses is a key factor for sustainable management. We intend to work with advocates and government agencies, with a focus on horse welfare.

You may realize wild horse management on public lands in the United States is generally ineffective, expensive, and not always in the best interest of horse welfare. Currently tens of thousands of wild horses face an uncertain future in a system fraught with stressful, less than state-of-the-art handling and management practices. You may feel powerless to help, but by becoming a Humane Horse Handling supporter, you can help to save wild horses from unintended suffering.

Our team is made up of leading researchers, veterinarians and teachers in equine behavior, health, handling and welfare. We have the expertise and knowledge to carry out our mission. However, we need funding and resources or we won’t be able to bring our solutions for humane wild horse management to the horses, land and people in need. Without your help, wild horses, both on and off-range, will continue to unnecessarily suffer compromised welfare.  


Our goal is to raise $5M in our first year as a 501c3, whether $1M from 5 sponsors, $5 from a million sponsors, or any combination that gets us started on important work.


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